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  • Damaris Garcia

A Quick Tip for Making a Choice

Have you ever gone to the movie theater, stood in line for popcorn and then realized you couldn't make a decision about what to get because you aren't sure what the right choice is? If you have, you might be experiencing choice overload, or choice anxiety. When we are presented with so many options we can get caught up in worrying about what will make us the happiest. All of the sudden our happiness hangs in the balance, over popcorn. With so many messages surrounding us constantly we can forget that we can be satisfied not by perfection, but by knowing that even if we aren't happy with the choice we made it is just one isolated decision. If we convince ourselves that we will never be satisfied, it makes it harder to make a decision or even notice if we wanted popcorn (or drink, snack, shirt...etc.) in the first place.

The next time you experience choice overload take a step back, and consider the impact of the decision and whether you even want to make it in the first place. Maybe you only want popcorn because it seems like everyone else is having popcorn so you might miss out if you don't have it.

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